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     Sutterlin Machine & Tool Company are specialists in designing & manufacturing automated machinery for any industry. Sutterlin Machine & Tool Company is a well diverse company. We handle all design, engineering, fabrication and assembly of our equipment. With over 50 years of machine building experience, we know how to turn your idea into a reality.

Our Mission

We strive to meet & exceed our customers' expectation to provide quality products in a timely, economical fashion, with workmanship that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our History

Our company was founded in 1966 in a small machine shop in Willoughby, Ohio. Since then, 
Sutterlin Machine has grown and had to move 4 times into larger facilities. Our current plant 
was built in 1992, with approximately 6,000 square feet of manufacturing floor. We have 
recently expanded our company into a new 5,000 square foot addition, making our current plant floor around 11,000 square feet. 
     When Sutterlin Machine was founded, our main customers were the local hydraulic and 
steel mill industries. As the economic environment has evolved, so have we. We have since 
added CNC machining capabilities, software improvements, many new manual machines and support equipment, as well as a full EDM department. Upgrades in inspection equipment and time saving tooling has helped us maintain our high quality. These changes have allowed us to move into more high tech and specialized areas of the manufacturing world. Our business now includes the aerospace industry, OEM machine manufacturers, medical and X-ray companies, as well as more traditional heavy steel mill work. Our location in Mentor, Ohio allows for the 
technological support from Cleveland companies and colleges, as well as a grass roots base 
of local tool makers and tech schools. 
     We are now celebrating 50+ years of manufacturing excellence. We are on our 3rd 
generation of Sutterlins working with the company. In our shop is a base of hundreds of years 
of manufacturing experience. We would like to use our knowledge to help make your next 
manufacturing job a success.

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