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CNC Turning including multitasking, swiss, and chucking type machines. 

Max Turning Workpiece : 14.4" Diameter x 49.4" Length

CNC Milling including 4 and 5 axis machines.

Max milling work piece : 53.1" Length x 23.6" Width

Wire, Sinker, and fast-hole EDM.

Max EDM work piece : 29.528" Width x 21.654" Depth x 9.843" Height


Full prototyping and toolroom capabilities.

All types of grinding including jig grinding.

Production inspection on modern CNC CMMs.

3D printing of many types of engineering resins.

Print bed size 5.7" × 5.7" × 6.9"

Value added services. 

Kitting, Assembly, Basic wiring and soldering, laser marking of logos and part numbers, Etc.


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We offer all types of machining services with added service options.

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